A DevOps Checklist

A DevOps ChecklistThis will sound hypocritical once you read this article, but if you couldn’t tell by now, we’re not fans of checklists here at DevOps on Windows. Checklists can easily mislead people into a false sense of security. “We’re following the checklist – we must be DevOps now! But why do we still have so many production issues?!”

As we’ve said before, to us DevOps isn’t about following some rote methodology, but about understanding the principles behind operations-friendly software and following best practices to move your processes forward.

But we also understand that sometimes a “checklist-ish-type-of-list” can be a helpful guide. With that in mind, here’s our “DevOps Checklist”!

This entire checklist can be boiled down to our first principle of DevOps: is your software simple to operate and easy to change?


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