To us, DevOps is the idea that software should be simple to operate. Deployments should be routine, not terrifying. Configuration should require a few clicks, not a thousand-line shell script. Problems should be easy to spot, not buried in a log file.

DevOps requires communication across the traditional boundaries within a technology group. It requires operations to design processes according to development best practices, and it requires development to design software that facilitates the needs of operations. It requires everyone to appreciate and understand how the whole system works together to achieve the goals of the business.

At DevOps on Windows, we want to share our philosophy and our practical experience implementing software that is simple to operate. Rather than offer you a rote methodology, we want to explain the principles underpinning operations-friendly software and offer practical steps that you can mix-and-match to move your processes forward.

Our focus is on applying DevOps in a small- or medium-scale Windows enterprise environment. We want to make it clear that DevOps is not just for the Facebooks of the world, it can be the right answer for your organization as well.

The Team

Stuart Lange has been a software developer at a variety of small and mid size financial services firms since 2007. Before that he was an undergrad at Princeton University where he developed possibly unhealthy affinities for the color orange and single malt scotch. He is passionate about building quality software that meets and anticipates user needs while remaining easy to operate.

Russ Collier graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2002 with a BS in Computer Engineering. Since then, he has been working in various development support teams and application development roles between a few companies in Chicago’s Financial Services sector, from a large bank to smaller firms. Russ strives to minimize operational complexity and maximize the overall quality of service of software operations groups.

DevOps on Windows is in no way affiliated with Microsoft Corp. The ideas, opinions, and endorsements we express here are our own and in no way connected with our current or past employers.