Use Central Configuration Right Meow!

Mrowr Central Configuration Meow Mew!Meow meow mew?

Mrowr mew meow burrurr mreow DevOps – cross-team collaboration mreow mew mew mew maintainable software. Meow mew not more automation meow mur – browr mew configuration meow mrowr meow mur.

Meow mew mmmmmew meow config files burrowr “single source of truth” mreow. Mrowr browrrrr central configuration service mreow meow mew, mur, browr. Meow meow meow murrr configuration data murr meow not XML file.

Meow central configuration service mew mrowr burr key-value store mmmew. Murrrr key-value store, mew mmmew. Meow mmmew mur production, mmmew mur development; mmmew meow UI mur mmmew meow server. Mreow meow mew mew meow “context” meow. Mmmew, mmmew, mmmew meow mew. Browr browr meow browr.

Meow, meow browr key-value store. Meow client API mew meow “context” mrowr meow query meow service. Meowwww “context” meow mmmur environment, meow application name, meow “instance” meow application, meow user name, meow machine name, brrowrowr mreow architecture. Browr mew mreow meow client API mew mew mur mew local file-based backup configuration data mreow browr meow mmmmur fall back mreow meow mreow meow central service mew unavailable. Browr mew mreow meow application code — meow mew mur not provide “default” value meow meow configuration data – meow mur mur configuration burrr meow from service. Meow moew in code mew mew meow violates DRY, brrrrowr mew undermines meow single source of truth.

Mew mew meow mainstream DevOps mew “configuration as code” – mrrowr mew misguided. Configuration mew not mewww operational concern mreow. Configuration mew mew meow mew first-class citizen, meow configuration management browr mew burrr managing your data, meow miaw not suite of automation scripts. Meeeow configuration right meow moew requires application to change. Mrowr mew DevOps — burrurrs meow, meow mur MEW!

(This was a guest post by the DevOps on Kittens’ Chief Cat, Azrael)

Azrael Azrael


I especially like when you say, “Configuration mew not mewww operational concern mreow.” Would you like to meet for dinner to discuss further.


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